Staff Bio - Bryan

Bro. Bryan has been a Sokol member since birth. His parents and grandparents were involved with Sokol and Bryan was enrolled in Sokolads class at the age of 5. Bryan attended Sokol Instructor School “Kurz” in 1978 and 1979 in Barryville, NY. He served as Lodge 306 Assistant Director when he was a Jr. Boy and was also Head Instructor of the Jr. Boys class he was enrolled in. Bryan was an accomplished Sokol gymnast until over the age of 50. He won many individual and team awards as a gymnast. After college, Bryan returned to Lodge 306 as Director in 1988. He held that position all but 4 of the last 33 years. He was awarded the Gold Key in 1992 and is still the youngest recipient to receive this award. Bryan has taught Sokol Instructors School 15 times, and has vast experience as a coach, judge and clinician. He has worked as a coach outside of Sokol as well, including as Head Coach for Maine South High School and Fremd High School. He is currently a top-rated judge for the IHSA and has judged the IHSA Boys Gymnastics State Meet in 2017 and 2021. He continues his time at Sokol as Head Instructor for the Sokolettes and Junior Girls classes, and assistant instructor for most of the other classes. He is currently on the Sokol Community Center House Committee and has served as bartender, cook, dishwasher, Bingo Chairman and many, many other positions over the years. He is an avid Cubs fan, a baseball card collector, a huge fan of Star Wars and Harry Potter, and is a student of history (especially US Civil War). We are grateful to have Bryan back among our active staff at Sokol!