Staff Bio - THALASSA

Thalassa Millwood has been in Sokol since 1995 when she joined as a Sokolette. She attended a mini Kurz held at Lodge 306 in 1998, followed by two Sokol Instructors School “Kurz” in 1999 and 2001 in Barryville, NY. She has since attended several Sokol coaching clinics while being an instructor at Lodge 306. She has taught Tots, Sokolettes and Junior Girls ever since. She continued as an active gymnast into her adult years competing at several District and National Slets over the years. Thalassa has held office as Assistant Director of Lodge 306 in the past and currently is a member of the Lodge 306 Audit Committee. Her dedication to Sokol brings her a long way to help teach our classes (She lives in Richton Park!) We are very happy to have “Coach T” continue as a valued member of our staff.